Remote engineer

Our engineers remotely assist in monitoring the performance of your machines and their operators. This gives you more time and reduces the cost of machine supervision.
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Remote engineer

We will take care of your machines remotely

Remote engineer
We will support you in monitoring the work of machines and their operators. Increase productivity and reduce operating costs in your company with us. Our qualified staff will install the monitoring system on your machines and will remotely supervise them. All your machines will be visible in one panel, we will supervise the work of your machines, and you will be able to focus on your goals and business.
Benefits of a remote engineer for your company


A remote engineer allows you to monitor the performance of machines and their operators on an ongoing basis. From now on, you can focus on the important things for your business while we take care of monitoring your machines and employees. Reduce operating costs and increase productivity and safety.



A remote engineer is not a burden on your budget and there is no employment contract involved. For a fixed low monthly fee, you get a dedicated engineer who watches your machines every day and analyzes the data coming from them.



  • Quick and clear reports for management.
  • Useful data on the use of machinery and the work of all employees.
  • Automatic power consumption reports for individual devices.

Which machines do we monitor?

Monitoring of CNC machine operation

CNC machines and production lines

It is estimated that still 85% of machines do not collect data. Let your machines do the talking and bring your company into the era of Industry 4.0.

EBKF Manager Welding Monitoring


Your welders are the most expensive part of the production chain, ensure their efficiency to optimize the productivity of your business.

Monitoring of forklift trucks

Forklift trucks and elevators

"We don't have enough stackers"-our customers have heard this phrase too often, plug in monitoring and verify real equipment utilization.

Remote monitoring of printing machine performance


Find out how efficiently your folding, die cutting and other printing machines work. Increase efficiency and start earning more!

Monitoring the operation of cleaning machines

Cleaning machines

In a tough market, it's the details that count to help your company gain a competitive edge - we can help.

Machine monitoring

All machines that use electricity

Monitor machine performance, increase productivity and optimize operating costs.

Monitoring the operation of specialised machinery

Construction machinery

Check that the machines are working as much as they should and that they are in the right place.

Monitoring of construction machinery

Specialised masts

Are you sure where yours are and if they are doing their job? Verify that you are not able to achieve greater savings.

Monitoring of forestry machinery

Agricultural and forestry machinery

You will be able to check from the office that your machines and their operators are doing what they are supposed to

and many more....

What is the process of implementing EBKF solutions?

Thanks to the component-based structure of our solutions, we are able to provide you with a fully working solution even in 7 days. Fast and proven implementation process will ensure 100% satisfaction. Only 4 steps are separating you from increasing work efficiency and lowering operating costs of your company.

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of implementing EBKF solutions, we suggest a pilot implementation on a smaller number of devices.





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Excellent recommendations

Together with EBKF we tested the monitoring of the welding process. The EBKF system has met our expectations. We recommend solutions and cooperation with EBKF.

Przemyslaw Cukrowski


We carry out constant monitoring of welding machines with the use of EBKF system. We are satisfied with the cooperation with EBKF, therefore we recommend its services with full conviction.

Marek Hubczeńko


Installing EBKF Manager on our welders was not a shot in 10, it was a shot in 11.

Andrey Vaderny

President of Metal-System

EBKF mapped out our business processes in an exemplary manner and incorporated them into the JobRouter platform. As a result, we have optimised our costs and increased the efficiency of our entire business.

Piotr Andrzejewski

President BKF Touchless Carwashes

We confirm the effectiveness and usefulness of the solution in monitoring the effectiveness of the equipment and operators. The EBKF Fleet Manager system met our expectations and gave us the possibility to analyse the work of welding machines and welders.

Karol Stefanski

JVP Steel, Welding Engineer

The payment application created for us meets our expectations. The project with EBKF was carried out in a professional manner. We recommend cooperation with EBKF with a clear conscience.

Fredrik Prans

Washstop, Board Member

Customers and partners

EBKF partner RICOH

Need a good machine monitoring solution?

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Remote engineer

Remote engineer is our new service, which is recently an extremely desirable solution among companies that use machines for work.

Remote monitoring of machines provided by our team is a real revolution, which aims to reduce the costs associated with monitoring the operation of machines and repairs. With a remote maintenance engineer, we are able to quickly track down irregularities in operation and track down potential impending failures. It is enough to invest in remote monitoring of machines by our engineer to have time for business development and leave the matter of machinery monitoring to specialists.

Modernization of machines and full monitoring offered by our company is the highest quality service for every entrepreneur. We offer monitoring of production machines and mobile devices. Without a doubt, modernization of machinery is an investment in the future of each enterprise.

Remote maintenance engineer

The system for monitoring electricity consumption is valued most among entrepreneurs. Such monitoring of machines makes it possible for companies to save a lot of money spent on electricity bills. From our side we offer solutions, with which monitoring of machines work is able to significantly affect the condition of your company. Most often our services include monitoring of the production line, because it is the machines that generate the highest costs.
When it comes to production monitoring and production process monitoring - we are fully at your disposal. We act to help companies like yours.

Remote machine monitoring

Machine monitoring is one of the elements of our solutions. Machine monitoring itself makes sense only if we have an engineer who will have time to interpret the data.