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Industrial Internet of Things IIoT. Monitoring of machines, production and vehicles. MES systems.

We specialize in creating and implementing business IoT solutions to help optimize operational costs and increase business efficiency.
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EBKF We are creating Industry 4.0, IIoT, IoT
EBKF Manager - check out our proprietary solution for machine monitoring, MES, SCADA

EBKF Monitor

Check out our applications for monitoring industrial machines
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data security at the EBKF
Our clients know that data is a company's most important asset, so we take special care of its integrity and security
EBKF reliability
We know how important it is for our customers' organizations to run without interruption, so we make every effort to ensure that our solutions are available 24/7

EBKF Monitor
Monitoring the performance of machines and their operators

Collect information about the operation of your machines. Increase productivity and reduce operating costs in your company. Monitoring of machines and their operators is independent of the operating principle, age or manufacturer of the equipment.
  • Monitoring of welding machines
  • Production monitoring, CNC machine monitoring, production line monitoring
    CNC machines and production lines
  • Forklift truck monitoring
    Forklift trucks
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machine monitoring

EBKF Energy Meter
Energy Monitoring

By monitoring your electricity and water usage, you can save up to 20% on utility costs annually.
  • EBKF Energy Meter
    User-friendly panel
  • EBKF Energy Meter proven solutions
    Checked equipment
  • EBKF Energy Meter support
    Technical support
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EBKF Energy Meter energy monitoring

EBKF RFID Monitoring of physical workers

Collect information about the work of your employees. Increase productivity and reduce operating costs in your company. Work record of all your employees is visible in one web panel.
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EBKF RFID monitoring of physical workers

EBKF Fleet Manager
Vehicle fleet monitoring

Collect and analyze data about your vehicle fleet. Optimize work. Reduce maintenance costs, reduce fuel consumption, know the exact route and location of vehicles and their drivers.
  • GPS monitoring of vehicles
    Passenger and commercial vehicles
  • GPS monitoring of construction machines
    Construction machinery
  • GPS monitoring of excavators
    Specialised machinery
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ebkf fleet manager gps monitoring

EBKF Smart Gate
Intelligent Parking System

Control who enters your facility and when based on automatic license plate reading. Charge for excessive parking.
  • EBKF Smart Parking Automatic parking entrance control based on vehicle number
    Automatic entry control
  • EBKF Smart Parking charging
    Charging for parking
  • EBKF Smart Parking history
    Parking history
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EBKF Smart Parking

Excellent recommendations

Together with EBKF we tested the monitoring of the welding process. The EBKF system has met our expectations. We recommend solutions and cooperation with EBKF.

Przemyslaw Cukrowski


We carry out constant monitoring of welding machines with the use of EBKF system. We are satisfied with the cooperation with EBKF, therefore we recommend its services with full conviction.

Marek Hubczeńko


Installing EBKF Manager on our welders was not a shot in 10, it was a shot in 11.

Andrey Vaderny

President of Metal-System

EBKF mapped out our business processes in an exemplary manner and incorporated them into the JobRouter platform. As a result, we have optimised our costs and increased the efficiency of our entire business.

Piotr Andrzejewski

President BKF Touchless Carwashes

We confirm the effectiveness and usefulness of the solution in monitoring the effectiveness of the equipment and operators. The EBKF Fleet Manager system met our expectations and gave us the possibility to analyse the work of welding machines and welders.

Karol Stefanski

JVP Steel, Welding Engineer

The payment application created for us meets our expectations. The project with EBKF was carried out in a professional manner. We recommend cooperation with EBKF with a clear conscience.

Fredrik Prans

Washstop, Board Member

Customers and partners

EBKF partner RICOH
Why cooperate with us

Machine Monitoring

Proper machinery management plays an extremely important role, affecting the efficiency of a given solution. Machine Monitoring allows to have full access to information, which are necessary to assess their condition or production progress.

Using modern solutions, we are convinced that EBKF digital transformations are a very good choice for absolutely all fleet owners .

Machine telemetry, as this is what we need to focus on here, defines the way in which all data from the machines is collected into a central system, which is referred to as an MES system.

It is its task to process as well as analyze the acquired information. What is crucial here is, above all, the wireless operation of such a solution. Today, machines can communicate with each other without human intervention. They can send information and analyze their work giving the result at once. Such modern technologies are the future of many industrial branches. 

Digital transformation using IoT

MES and telemetry systems are indispensable elements for any person who wants to take advantage of digital transformations. This is the most important thing to be able to guarantee the customers the result they want.

One thing is certain - machine monitoring is the key to success in many industries and with various types of machinery. By reaching for anMES system, you can fully control and analyze everything in real time. So you choose telemetry systems, and we do everything in our power to get the desired effect for your needs .

Automatic machine monitoring

Automatic monitoring of machine work is a power worth investing in and capable of giving many recipients really great benefits. Through such a solution you can ensure maintenance, full control over the machine and estimation of the deadline for completing work on a particular piece of equipment.

All it takes is a good SCADA software, then an OEE MES system, and finally an efficient reading of the necessary information. With such an investment, modernization of machines is possible. All you need is a good integrator to make the whole thing work as it should.